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Business Process Re-engineering

We analyze the business into the different processes and then re-engineer them to maximize the value added for the whole. This is a good starting point for efficiency improvement or for the implementation of information systems. Applications in any type of business, whether manufacturing, financial, logistics, etc.

Complex Problem Solving

We are often asked to assist with complex, recurring problems that others have failed to solve. Our approach as industrial engineers is to analyze the symptoms and develop solutions with a systems approach.

Energy Audits / Assessments

Energy assessments are done to determine the energy usage pattern and cost at a facility, as well as to identify opportunities for improvement. The output of such an assessment is a quantified analysis and a recommended action plan. KBC has done more than 150 energy assessments over the past 10 years. Most of these were done at fruit farms, packhouses, cold stores and other industrial facilities.

Energy Benchmarking

We have developed an energy benchmarking system for fruit packhouses and cold stores with information dating back to 2007. This approach was later expanded to include commercial cold stores at distribution centers and also cooling facilities at retail outlets such as Woolworths and PnP. We have the only benchmarking database of this kind in South Africa. This information is also used for the motivation of greenfield/brownfield tax allowances according to section 12i, as was recently done for the new GoChill cold storage facility.

Energy Efficiency Improvement

Recommendations for energy efficiency improvements are included in both the energy assessments and the energy management system implementation. Our track record shows energy efficiency improvements of between 15% and 40%. Our specialties include energy management systems, industrial manufacturing sites, fruit packhouses, wine cellars, cold storage and pumping systems.

Energy Intelligence Systems

“Man Must Measure to Manage”. This is also true for energy management. Collecting energy consumption data and converting that into usable management information is essential for energy efficiency improvement, and the effort often under estimated. We develop bespoke information systems to collect and analyze the energy information for management control and for motivating investment decisions. Recent examples were done at Two-A-Day, Valley Packers, Habata Farms and Hoër Landbouskool.

Energy Management Systems

We follow the guidelines of the ISO50001 Energy Management Systems. Both members of KBC have completed the Energy Management System Expert Level Training as presented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. Koos Bouwer is also co-presenter of the Advanced Level EnMS course as presented by the NCPC in South Africa. KBC has facilitated the implementation of the Energy Management System at SRCC in the Eastern Cape.

Facility Layout

A good facility lay-out forms the foundation for good operational processes. We have done facility lay-outs for new premises, as well as updating of existing premises. Recent projects were done at Lion Match, Megamaster manufacturing and Maluti Fruit and Koopak packhouse.

General Design & Prototyping

Our background in mechanical engineering has led to various new product design and development for items not commercially available. We have an equipped workshop to manufacture prototypes during the development stage. Examples of recent product designs are the pallet testing device and the linear displacement measuring device for refrigerant flow.

Production Systems

A production system starts with the market demand and then includes production planning, procurement of materials and components, stock control, quality control, performance metrics and order fulfillment. We have experience in improving production systems and in developing bespoke software systems to assist in the management of the system. Recent projects were done at WP Yarn Dyers, Gold Master jewellers, Megamaster manufacturing, Spotlight Kitchens and Joos Joiners.

Project Management

A project starts at the inception phase and that is where we add most of the value with a proper needs analysis and concept solution design. We assist the project owners in project management to assure technical, financial and schedule conformance with regular status reporting. We have a track record in various software development projects and building projects. We understand the building environment and have the experience of operating as building contractors. Recent projects were done at Paltrack, Lion Match and Maluti Fruit.

Pumping System Optimization

We have the capability to measure the energy efficiency in pumping systems, especially irrigation systems. We have our own testing equipment, including a portable ultrasonic flow meter, and use dedicated software to advise on pumping system efficiency improvement. Recent projects were done at Habata Farms, Dunbrody Estates, Kloovenburg, Linton Park Wines, Rennie Farms, DuToit Agri and the Two Oceans Aquarium. KBC have performed an analysis which highlights the value of installing energy efficient pumping systems.

Renewable Energy Sources

Recommendations for renewable energy sources are made as part of our improvement recommendations. We were part of the development of the Solartool – a decision making aid for solar PV implementation. We offer our services as project managers in the needs analysis and implementation of renewable energy sources.

Software Development & Implementation

The output of some of our projects has led to the development of small scale, bespoke software solutions for our clients. These include energy information systems and dashboards, stock control systems and production planning systems. All these solutions are focused on improving operational management improvements for which off the shelf solutions were not readily available.

Value Chain Optimization

As industrial engineers we consider the total value chain in all our projects. It is sometimes more beneficial to invest more effort and cost into one element of a chain, so that the outcome of the whole is more profitable. One example is the container utilization project that was done as part of the PHI-initiative.


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